Mindful Snacking with the "Pistachio Principle"

Ever find yourself rushing to meet a deadline yet somehow finding the time to snack on
everything in sight? Or maybe rushing from meeting to meeting, snacking on anything without
really giving it any thought?

We’ve all been there and have felt the unpleasant effects of excess and un-planned snacking.
While there are many ways to introduce smart snacking into your routine, I’m here to share with
you one of the easiest and tastiest smart snacks I’ve been enjoying lately! Everyone meet
Wonderful Pistachios, The Skinny Nut :)

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Wonderful Pistachios come in 4 different flavors in order to help satisfy any mood or craving;
Roasted Salted, Roasted Unsalted, Salt & Pepper, and Sweet Chili for when you really want to
spice things up ;)

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Do you use visual cues to monitor how much you eat?

According to a survey by Wonderful Pistachios, 6 in 10 Canadians don’t use visual cues. Fear not, because pistachios are a perfect snack that can help control consumption: they’re an interactive
snack that may help promote mindful eating.

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My favorite part about Wonderful Pistachios is that they are a “mindful” snack. Cracking open
the pistachio shells may help slow you down, making you more conscious of the amount you’ve
eaten. Especially with the leftover shells that create a great visual cue for how much you’ve
consumed. This is known as the “Pistachio Principle,” a simple concept that can potentially help
you control your portions, thereby reducing your caloric intake.

‘It’s a smart snack solution that may help you fool yourself full without feelings of deprivation.’

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So, the next time you’re selecting a snack, grab a handful of Wonderful Pistachios, The Skinny Nut. This nut is a smart and, sensible option to incorporate into a healthy diet for anyone trying to manage their weight. From a portion perspective, pistachios offer the most nuts with about 49 kernels per 30- gram serving. When compared to other popular snack nuts, that’s only 14 walnut halves and 18 cashews per 30- gram serving.

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Happy snacking everyone! ;)